Rossini: Il barbiere di Siviglia. Conte Almaviva

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This recording was made using the Bärenreiter Urtext edition published in 2010, which generally accords with the Ricordi in widespread use. If you are using a Schirmer score you may find a few small differences. Because Ricordi and Bärenreiter use different rehearsal numbers (and Schirmer has none) I have not used these to identify starting points.

The role is given here absolutely complete, with none of the cuts that are in almost universal use. The price reflects the fact that the role will in practice be significantly shorter than here. If you need individual numbers with cuts in, just get in touch and ask.

As always with roles involving recitative, my choice of where and where not to put appoggiature will strike some as bizarre. Too bad! Also please note that speeds in rapid coloratura numbers are apt to vary: for clarity in long runs I usually slow down, then speed back up in more straightforward sections.