Viardot (Pauline): Cendrillon. Maguelonne

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The only readily available score of this, a vocal score on the website, is littered with mistakes so there is a degree of uncertainty about some of this role. All comments refer by page number to that score:

Page 6 'loqueteux' is given to Armelinde and I have treated it as such, but it may just as well belong to Maguelonne.

Page 8 'Et les enfants en suite' should almost certainly be Maguelonne's line, and 'Moi dès que j'en vois' is certainly Armelinde's.

Page 16 'Je serai charmante...' and all the next page, plus the first few notes of p18, should almost certainly be Armelinde's.

Pages 45 and 46 'A' and 'M' have obviously been swapped round. 

Page 84, second bar Maguelonne's 4th note should almost certainly be an A flat - at any rate, certainly not C natural.

Note that I have included the two very short unison choruses as it's likely in many productions the soloists will take part in these.